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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jim Henson

Okay, so I'll admit it. I'm twenty-two as of writing this and I adore the Muppets. I grew up watching the later seasons of the Muppet show and classics like Muppets in Space and Muppet Christmas Carol like any other child of the 60's to 90's.

Though I have to make another confession, there's just something about watching these guys. If I were to watch actors or cartoons performing the same slapstick and puns (except maybe the Three Stooges) I'd probably think it was terrible. There's just something about a pig throwing around other felt and wire puppets in a rampage.

 With the new release of the new muppet movie, it seems the world is just now learning just what a creative genius Jim Henson was. He was a man that just made you want to go 'wow', who inspired countless others to dream and gave generations of children something that the mostly garbage programs we see on most kid networks today could never hope to achieve.

I had never seen Jim Henson's sketches and notes until this year until I came across other blogs and sites, but when I did I poured over every detail. Henson created a world anyone could immerse themselves in, be it the Dark Crystal or Seasame Street.

While I would absolutely love to be able to go to an exhibit, alas, I'm, a poor college student. However, there's hope for all of you out there. In California there will be The Lovers, the Dreamers, and Me - A Jim Henson Tribute Exhibition.

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