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Monday, October 17, 2011

Minor Tips

Okay so before my next tutorial I thought I'd post a few things for those wanting to learn to cook various things. Some of these tips can be used across a wide spectrum of dishes. All of these I found out on my own, so I hope it works for you!

  • Take about a teaspoon (eventually you'll be able to just scoop out this much with your hand like me) of flour and sprinkle over any kind of pan your baking things with. This works best with pizza, cakes, etc. This will ensure nothing ever sticks.
  • When cooking any type of pasta add a teaspoon or two of cooking oil to the water. It adds taste and keeps your noodles from sticking to your pot and together.
  • When baking dishes ( mac & cheese, lasanga, etc) always coat your pain with aluminum foil, its keeps everything relatively clean and keeps food from sticking to your pans.
  • Run water over freshly cut onions and peppers to get rid of the majority of the smell and to keep you from crying.
  • Want meat to cook quicker on the stove top? Cover with a glass lid. Takes half the time and locks in flavor.

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